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Quality Optimiser

CLOCKWORKS QUALITY OPTIMISER focuses on two major quality management aspects, namely:

  • The capturing and categorization of Quality Defects right throughout the Manufacturing and Sales cycle into a structured and easy to use format.
  • Accurate reporting of Final Quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness figures on a product, operator and machine level.

The consolidation of quality with the source and time of production throughout the cycle is essential in order for management to adhere to professional and focused quality procedures and principles.  It enables management to focus on important specifics that could have caused the production of bad quality at a specific moment not visible at the source and the time of manufacturing.


CLOCKWORKS PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSER forms the basis for CLOCKWORKS QUALITY OPTIMISER to operate effectively.  A detailed history of all quality inspections performed on products, ranging from line inspections and laboratory tests to customer returns is kept.

Causes for bad quality could include any one or a combination of the following:

  • Defects in the material used
  • The operator not following the right procedures during the manufactuing of the specific product
  • The manufacturing process being out of control due to machine defects


CLOCKWORKS QUALITY OPTIMISER provides management with the ability to focus from the following perspectives:

  • Product Number/Description
  • Type of defect and reason for rejection
  • Identification of Machine problems
  • Identification of Operator problems
  • Identification of Material and Supplier problems
  • Time and date of production


CLOCKWORKS QUALITY OPTIMISER provides the following benefits:

  • A sound and reliable database that could be integrated with any other business system
  • Real time final quality information for management purposes
  • Standard, easy to read management reports and graphs that could be exported to any Microsoft application
  • An analysis tool to focus on identifying  problem areas
  • The ability to formulate coherent continuous improvement programs
  • A sound base for Statistical Process Control 

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