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Productivity Analyser

CLOCKWORKS PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSER forms the backbone of the Time Based Productivity concepts.  The system focuses on the Shop Floor team efforts at optimising the three basic rules against which the manufacturing process should be managed, namely:

  • TIME

The system provides the platform for the capturing of essential Shop Floor data, real time, at the right level of detail.

The system focuses on the Time Based Related Productivity Performance on the Shop Floor and impacts directly on the following business areas:

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Product Costing
  • Quality Control
  • Maintenance Planning and Control



CLOCKWORKS PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSER compares actual production and set-up performance against standard, predetermined performance, real time, whilst simultaneously keeping track of all stoppages and the quality of products manufactured during the manufacturing process. This forms the foundation of all Shop Floor related business information.

The data captured on the Shop Floor is converted into infomation that enables management to address issues involving:

  • Speed: Time operating at the specified standard operating speed
  • Time: Lost time due to stoppages, categorised for effective control
  • Quality: Quantity of products produced at an acceptable quality level and the basic categorisation of defined quality defects

CLOCKWORKS PRODUCTIVY ANALYSER provides the following features:

  • Custom system configuration to fit the client's unique conditions could be done within days
  • Data capturing is performed either manually or via electronic interface
  • Data validation is performed on all data to ensure data reliability
  • A suite of standard reports and graphs is available for any combination of resources and products over any selected time period for daily management as well as trend and analysis purposes:
    • Senior management is provided with indicator summaries that report daily, weekly and monthly on planned and unplanned stoppages presented in an easy to review format with a level of detail that cuts to the chase.
    • Operational management is provided with a suite of reports that reflect specific real-time cause and effective  information that allows immediate corrective Shop Floor action ensuring sustained incrementation, improvement in performance and productivity.
  • On screen real time performance monitoring
  • Drill down functionality to view the performance of a specific resource right down to product and operator level
  • Ability to design custom reports to satisfy specific client needs
  • Integration to other business systems

CLOCKWORKS PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSER provieds the following benefits:

  • A sound and reliable database that could be integrated with any other business system
  • Real time productivity information for management purposes
  • Standard, easy to read management reports and graphs that could be exported to any Microsoft application
  • The ability to formulate coherent continuous improvement programs
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