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Consiliarii, meaning "counselors" or "to counsel" in Latin, is the name adopted by our company, epitomising the trusted role we play in advising our clients based on sound knowledge, extensive industry experience and support.

Established in 1987, Consiliarii's core focus is the provision of Industrial Engineering services to the manufacturing industry. As a leading local developer of productivity solutions for Manufacturing Industries, Consiliarii specialises in problem solving and the implementation of holistic, practical and cost effective solutions to optimise a company's manufacturing processes from start-to-end.  Through thorough analysis and deductive problem solving, Consiliarii unlocks productivity improvement potential, identifies hidden opportunities and bottle necks within the manufacturing processes and provides solutions to optimise and synchronise Shop Floor performance.  Consiliarii offers assistance and a cost effective, user-friendly software tool, called CLOCKWORKS, with interfacing capabilities ideally suited to provide management with accurate real-time, detailed time-based information from the Shop Floor to enhance decision-making and productivity improvement.

It is always exiting and a challenge to undertake the following journey with our clients sucessfully.

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