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We have created and established concepts to manage the Shop Floor effectively. Our approach is based on tried and tested methods whereby accurate time standards are established within a short time period at nominal costs. It is important that actual performance is expressed in terms of time and measured against a realistic and achievable time standard. While setting time standards we simultaneously focus on the measuring and improvement of manufacturing methods and the optimisation of resources. Occurrence of stoppages are identified and classified at the same time.

Through the development and successful implementation of our concepts and software, we have proven time to be the only consistent unit measure limiting competitiveness. Time is the leveller as each and every organisation is governed by the absolute reality of a twenty-four hour day. Focusing on and economising on time as the scarcest resource makes for good business logic as time is the most limiting obstacle to competitiveness.

There are only three basic rules against which a manufacturing process should be managed, namely:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Quality

 We believe that the Shop Floor in a manufacturing environment is as important as the field of play in sports. The absence of an accurate real time scoreboard and discipline in either sport or manufacturing would at best result in perpetual chaos, and inevitably the demise of the game. As there are players on the field there are operators on the Shop Floor. Both have a common objective - to put as many points on the scoreboard during the limited time available. When the whistle goes, time is up for both players and operators alike. The measure of their collective success is the points on the scoreboard. However, measurement for incremental improvement in individual performance is not only limited to the points on the board, but rather through detailed and sustained performance analysis of individual players on the field.

Planning and assumptions with few exceptions are based upon an existing and usually inherently flawed perspective assuming that efficiency and ulitilisation levels of 100% are always achievable. We provide the measure and the management information platform to break the mould that prevents competitiveness through scientific analysis of the Shop Floor's performance.

Simplicity is the key. Measure output and input in a common commodity - money divided by time.

Formula One racing provides an effective analogy as far as understanding the mechanics of Time Based Performance Measurement. In fact the similarities between Formula One and manufacturing go way beyond our initial comparison.

In simple terms, all the Formula One drivers on the track cover the same distance. The driver who completes the distance in the shortest time wins the race. A badly managed pit stop has serious negative implications on the driver's ability to use time to enhance his competitive advantage. In a similar vein, a badly managed set-up on the manufacturing Shop Floor has a similar impact on overall competitiveness.

Production of products equates to the Formula One racing. All the variables need to be effectively managed to remain ahead of competitors. A car spinning out at a corner mirrors bad quality in the manufacturing process. Similarly a machine stopped clearly means that the game is over if it cannot restart, and even if it can get going it is now way behind competitors.

Accounting practice has for decades simplistically measured inputs in money and outputs in tons or units. The fact of the matter is that one can only measure the real performance of a business in money or value-add terms over a specific period of time. We provide the platform to reduce lost time and increase bottom line results.

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