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Steel Processing
Duferco Steel Processing

DSP is part of an International Steel Company located in Saldanha, West Coast of South Africa. Their core business is the processing of Carbon steel to meet the specific requirements of thier customers. DSP operates all year round, 24/7 with 90% of thier current production geared towards the export market.

Work Performed

Both Clockworks Productivity Analyser and Clockworks Quality Optimiser were implemented in 2001 with great success. This resulted in huge improvements in Productivity and Profitability as well as the implementation of a proper and fare incentive scheme system.

Products Implemented
  • Productivity Analyser
  • Quality Optimiser

"We use the system on a daily base to manage delays and increase the availability of the plant. The investment was just a drop in the ocean in comparison to what we are getting out of it in terms of management information." says Kobus van Rensburg, Production Manager

"Quality Optimiser gives us a holistic view of our entire production process, identifying weak points early enough in order to rectify problem areas without impacting final production numbers," comments Marcelle van Biljon, Quality Manager at Duferco Steel Processing. "It allows us to identify anything from a defect in the material used, problems with our operators not following procedures or problems with the machine, enabling us to rectify the source of the problem immediately, with a minimum breach in production."

Case Studies

PSI Steel

PSI Portland Steel International are specialist traders in flat rolled coated steel and stainless steel with access to profiles and other long products. Their head office is located in Sandton, South Africa with an international presence achieved by their offices in Seoul, Dubai, Mumbai and Calcutta. Their local stockholding operation, Portland Steel (Pty) Ltd, is an independent supplier of Hollow Bar, Carbon and Alloy Steels to the engineering industry with their warehouse situated in Anderbolt, Boksburg (Gauteng, South Africa).

Work Performed

Consiliarii assisted PSI Steel in utilising the newly acquired space optimally by the application of Systematic Layout Planning and Simulation Techniques. Recommendations wre made with regard to the optimal usage of material handling resources as well as stacking, storage and numbering methods.

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