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Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris is a director of Consiliarii Systems, and currently manages operations in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. He holds a Masters Diploma in Industrial Engineering obtained at Vaal Triangle Technikon in 1990. In 1985, after spending 2 years at Samcor (Motor Corporation) in Pretoria, he joined a consulting concern that was to become Consiliarii in 1987. He became a partner in Consiliarii in 1998.

Major milestones in a career focused on improvements directly on the Shop Floor are:

  • Developed and implemented the early concepts of Clockworks at a major Stainless Steel company.
  • Developed a detailed time standard methodology focusing on critical path optimisation that is applied locally as well as abroad.
  • Material flow and location system implementation at a major Stainless Steel company.
  • Feasibility studies for equipment redesign focused at increasing outputs. 
  • Implementation of lean manufacturing principles in jobbing as well as continuous flow environments.
  • Productivity improvements focused on methodology and process changes rather than capital expenditure.
  • Countless focused productivity improvement drives using the Consiliarii concepts and solutions.

He developed a passion to improve productivity early on in his career when he became frustrated with the apparent inability of industrial engineers to "make a difference" on the Shop Floor. Shop Floor information was non-existent or grossly inaccurate which caused major problems with planning and basic productivity improvement at many manufacturing concerns.

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