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We firmly believe that a manufacturing enterprise can be compared to any 'team sport' where players, rules, coaches, money, equipment and scoreboards to name a few, are involved. Each player in the team has a specific responsibility to fulfill in order to create a successful team. The better each player understands his role, function and responsibility the better that player will perform in the team. Thorough and accurate analysis of each player's performance on the field of play is crucial as it indefinitely leads to the identification of each player's strengths and weaknesses. In the ideal world this should result in focused and precise training in order to improve the individual's performance and consequently the team's performance overall.

Our training approach is specifically aimed at Shop Floor personnel and management with regard to the following important issues:

  • Understanding of the Productivity concepts and the importance of Productivity Improvement in their business
  • Understanding of the importance of accurate Shop Floor data and how it fits into the big picture
  • Ability to analyse the information generated by CLOCKWORKS and, more importantly, how it should be used to improve performance
  • Understanding of their specific roles and responsibilities once CLOCKWORKS is implemented
  • Effective and painless change management that results from a CLOCKWORKS implementation.

These training sessions always result in the following:

  • Improved discipline and communication on the Shop Floor and in the business as a whole
  • Transparency with regard to performance and performance related issues
  • Improved team work and team spirit
  • A better quality of life; improved focus on the Shop Floor and the business as a whole
  • And most of all, a successful, winning team.
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